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Serenity Sol Massage

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1001 W. Carson St., Ste. E, 

Torrance, CA 90502

PHONE: (310) 463-3601


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Massage Therapy Helps Eliminate Anxiety

Massage therapy is an excellent way to manage anxiety. Massage proves to address two of the most significant symptoms of anxiety. Massage therapy helps alleviate sleep disturbances and insomnia and reduces pain from muscle tension.



Massage Therapy Improves Sleep Disorders


We all need sleep to repair and regenerate the body and the mind. Sleep deprivation takes a toll on us mentally and emotionally. A lack of sleep has a negative impact on our immune system, the nervous system, and reduces our energy levels. When we lack sleep, it results in our inability to concentrate, make wise decisions, and control our moods. These then result in feelings of anxiety and depression.


Most people look for a fast and common fix to end their sleep deprivation, and often turn to habit forming medications. However, massage therapy improves the sleep deprivation naturally. Massage therapy reduces overall stress and has been proven to significantly improve sleep in those who suffer from a variety of conditions – including anxiety. By using massage therapy like that provided by Serenity Sol Massage, other symptoms begin to show improvement.



Massage Therapy Reduces Body Pains


Massage therapy also reduces pain. Much of our pain comes from muscle tension and stress. Serenity Sol Massage uses techniques that offer stress and pain reduction. Such techniques do more to reduce pain and muscle tension by releasing tension at trigger points. Massage therapy increases circulation, flushing out lactic acid and bringing in fresh oxygen rich blood. Deep tissue techniques may also break up adhesions and stretch to lengthen muscle fibers and tissue, restoring range of motion.


By reducing pain and improving our sleep, massage therapy can have a significant impact on the reduction of symptoms of anxiety. When we achieve better sleep our bodies and minds can repair and regenerate, and when we reduce pain from muscle tension we experience an overall sense of relief and relaxation. Lois Atwater at Serenity Sol Massage uses customized techniques on her clients to reduce pain, improve sleep, and thereby to reduce the effects of anxiety.


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